Training SolidWorks 2014 - Mechanical Design in Practice

In modern mechanical design 3D modeling is widely used. The 3D parametric design differs a lot from traditional 2D drawing. The effective use of 3D save time and costs.

Training SolidWorks 2014 is a textbook for practical training of mechanical design using SolidWorks software. It includes chapters in pedagogically chronological order which helps students to understand the efficient use of the software tool in everyday mechanical engineering design.

It is the first English edition of popular Finnish textbook that recently appeared as 6. edition.


Available in my webstore only for domestic shippins. For international shippings please try to find it from another stores (Like Amazon). You may also take a look inside the book in Google Books.

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Example templates to be used with the book
Here you can download some example templates to be used with teh exercises in the book. Unzip the file in a location of your computer and read the instrcution file. You may freely modify these templates for your own purposes.
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